Reconciliation & Consolidation Era 1955 – 1980

100 Block of South Broad Street, June 1975
100 Block of South Broad Street Looking North, February 1966
Ed Kelly Collection: 100 Block of North Broad Street, March 13, 1962
Douglass High School Library Club, April 17, 1958
Balfour School Fall Festival Country Store, with Ann McGee, Deborah Davis, and Renny Davis, 1958
Sunnyland Meat Packing Company, April 1975
Senator Herman Talmadge Speaks at Pavo High School Graduation, May 25, 1956
Senator Sam Nunn Speaks at the Plaza Restaurant, c.1975
Hubert Humphrey with Ford Bell, Jr. at Mardreland Plantation, 1968
President Eisenhower Playing Golf at Glen Arven Country Club, February 17, 1956