Resort Era 1875 - 1905

200 Block of S. Broad Street, c.1895
200 Block of N. Broad Street, c.1895
100 Block of N. Broad Street, 1889
Cotton Press at Unidentified Farm in Thomas County, 1900
Thomasville High School in the old Fletcherville School Building, c.1901
he Masury Hotel at the Corner of Broad
The Brighton Hotel on Broad Street, 1895
The Mitchell House, 1885
The Cherokee Inn at the Corner of Broad
The Lowry Family of Thomasville, c.1905
John Triplett, Editor/Owner of the Thomasville Times-Enterprise, c.1880
Elfleda Taylor Bennett, Botonist from Thomasville, c.1890
Dr. Thomas Murdoch MacIntosh, c.1905
The Jerger Family, c.1895
Judge H.W. Hopkins
Daisy Scott Dismuke,c.1890
Margaret Remington Bowers Davies, c.1885
John Baker, Professor at Young’s Female College, c.1895