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2020-2021 Education Programs Re-Inventing & Adapting With You!

The Thomasville History Center has reimagined its educational programming for the 2020-2021 school year. All programs are designed to complement in-class or virtual learning. As always, these materials are offered FREE of charge. You don’t have to be an Educator to request these materials? Homeschooling or looking to supplement your student’s virtual learning, please feel free to request materials! 

What’s new? 

Since we cannot gather in person at the History Center and we cannot come to you, we’ve tried to come up with the next best thing! 

Students can be expected to flex their skills in: 

  • Reading comprehension
  • Primary source analysis
  • Visual literacy
  • Critical thinking

We’ve thrown in a few activities that are “just for fun” but still correspond to unit content. All programs align current Georgia Standards for Excellence in Social Studies and Literacy with some interdisciplinary extensions. All program content has been reviewed by a current Georgia teacher to ensure that the materials we provide will suit your needs in the classroom (whether it be virtual or physical). 

So that we can accurately track the use of these new materials, we ask that you do not share the content you receive from us with others. Instead, please refer interested colleagues to contact us directly. These statistics will help us to request funding and support for future programming!

Independent Explorers

deep dive (4)-min

Worksheets designed for use as a comprehensive unit or individual activities.

Great for: Individual or Group Work, In-Class or Virtual Learning
Introduction, Review, Assessment

Available as digital downloads: PDF & Fillable PDF’s

History Hangouts

deep dive (3)-min

History Center staff-facilitated program via Google Meet



Deep Dives

deep dive (1)-min

Digital, primary source-based games designed to give students a closer look at the past and encourage critical thinking skills.

Great for: Individual or Group Work, In-Class or Virtual Learning, Unit Review

Shared Google Drive Folder: Time-limited access, 2 weeks

What's Available? Completed & Ready to be Requested

Subject Areas*

Available subject areas are inspired by the 9 historical eras that the Thomasville History Center uses to discuss the people, history, and stories of Thomas County. 

  • Native Americans (12,000BC-1540 AD)
  • European Exploration & Colonization
  • Antebellum Era (1740-1860) does not include the American Revolution
  • The Civil War
  • Reconstruction & the New South (1865-1910)
  • Industry & Modernity (1900-1939) includes WWI -Great Depression
  • World War II (1936-1945)
  • The Cold War (1945-1970)
  • Civil Rights Era (1945-1975)

*We are working hard to design and construct content for each subject area. Please contact us for an updated list of available subject areas and program types. 


Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact us to discuss designing a custom program that suits your curriculum needs!

Field Trips

At-home learners of all ages are encouraged to visit the History Center’s historic buildings and grounds Monday-Saturday, 10am-4pm for self-guided tours. Donations are appreciated and can be made through contactless payment methods. For now, the main museum building remains closed to guests as the History Center is hard at work updating several exhibit spaces. Two new scavenger hunts of the grounds, as well as scavenger hunts of the Dawson Street Historic District, the exterior of the Lapham-Patterson House, and Downtown Thomasville, are available at

The History Center is accepting field trip reservations for groups of 10 or less. To request a field trip, which includes a guided tour of the c. 1870 Smith Homestead and a frame of bowling in the 1896 Ewart Bowling Alley as well as a grounds scavenger hunt, please contact us by phone or email at 229-226-7664 and Small-Group Field Trips are offered free of charge to all students and educators (including homeschool cohorts) from Thomasville/Thomas, Grady, Brooks, Colquitt, Mitchell, Jefferson (FL), & Leon (FL) Counties. A suggested donation of $2 per person is encouraged and appreciated.

Program Request Forms

Request Virtual Program

Help us to capture accurate data for grant-reporting by providing the total number of students who will be using these materials.

Request Small Group Field Trip

Group maximum (adults and students) is 10.
Group maximum (adults and students) is 10.